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We aren’t changing, we are growing!

February 16, 2019










So by now most of you have heard that we are moving into a larger location. We as a family along with our amazing staff are all so excited for this expansion and change!


This November will mark 40 years in business for Lanka Jewels. In November of 1979 a young psych nurse, Ken Selvaraja decided it was time for a change and with just the support of his amazing wife Sandra, also a nurse he started his journey into the world of jewellery.


Lanka Jewels spent the first 20 years in Mission Hills (where Overwaitea used to be), then when The Junction opened up Ken decided it was time for a move and a change. So off to The Junction Lanka Jewels moved to. Now after almost 20 years in our current location it is time for us to expand our space. With Ken (Dad) still at the helm of the ship, Nathan and myself (Naomi) are working right beside him with the expansion and the growth of our business. We are so fortunate to be able to be apart of such an incredible legacy and we are excited to be apart of this growth and change as it will one day be our legacy to pass down to our children.

One thing we want to assure everyone of is, even though we are growing and changing we will always have the same Lanka feel, and values. For us Lanka Jewels is who we are, it’s our family, and it’s our home.  It’s where Nathan and I spent a great deal of our childhood, where my children have spent theirs and where Nathan’s are spending theirs.  Whenever a family grows it’s always for the better and this is the same with us growing the store and not just for us, for all of you.  Our staff, our customers, our community, and our colleagues are all like family to us.

The new shop will be open in March or April, until then though please come and see us at our current location. We are having a GREAT clearance SALE, and everything is business as usual for us.

We look forward to you all seeing our new shop very soon!!

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