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Top Jewellery Designers – Part One

September 5, 2016

Earlier today I was chatting with my friend and marketing guru Ryan Holtz. He asked me who my top three favorite jewellery designer are.  It took me no time to reply “my Dad!” as number one.  As I explained to Ryan none of my Dad’s pieces are ever the same.  When I look at how I dress I never want to be main stream, I always want to be a bit different from everyone else. I must get that from my Dad.  He’s most definitely not main stream when it comes to his designs but he has such an artistic eye and truly makes jewellery wearable art.  I will admit there’s pieces of his I don’t like, just like there’s some I love and others hate.  It’s pretty cool though to know that people have been wearing my Dad’s designs for almost 37 years and they will be around for decades to come.  If you have one of my Dad’s designs we’d love to see a pic of it. Please email it to us for us to share on social media,

-Naomi xo


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