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Lanka Jewels Hosts a Fundraiser to Buy A Service Dog For a Local Child

September 13, 2016

Lanka Jewels has teamed up with a local family to raise funds for a beautiful boy named Jaxon. The youngest of three, Jaxon Bruce is only three years old. Although Jaxon looks like any other child, he isn’t the same as he struggles with autism.Although there are varying degrees of autism, Jaxon has crippling behavioural issues, requiring assistance for even the simplest of tasks. Research states that service dogs (known as Autism Service Dogs) can help temper children suffering from autism as their protective and nurturing ways have a calming effect. His parents strongly feel that a service dog will help their child, but since the cost amounts to $25,000 they haven’t been able to afford one.

In December 2013, Lanka Jewels held a raffle draw and donated a two-carat diamond tennis bracelet, raising $6,000! The winner is Donna Bellegrade from Deroche, BC!

Lanka Jewels is hosting another fundraiser, but awarding three prizes this time.

1. 0.25 carat tw Canadian diamond earrings, valued at $625
2. Men’s Citizen Eco Drive Watch, valued at $260
3. Sterling Silver Gem-Coloured Stone Bracelet, valued at $60

All funds will be donated to the Bruce family.

Raffle tickets are $10 and are available online here.

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