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Behind the Scenes with the Selvaraja Family

September 5, 2016

My wife and I love our children dearly and our grandchildren have brought such warmth to our hearts…we never thought it possible to feel such closeness. We are fortunate that we all live in the same city, and try to spend as much time as we can together at ‘Sunday Get Togethers’ and family vacations.

Since it has become increasingly difficult to spend time together, given everyone’s schedules, we manage only one family vacation a year. This past January, Sandra and I went to Tucson, Arizona and in March, we all went to California.

Our annual trip to Arizona consists, mainly, of me golfing with friends while Sandra hits the shops. Friends from Saskatchewan came to visit us this year, which was quite nice. We had a good time laughing and sharing stories and good food. That Arizona sunshine was wonderful.

We also went to the AGTA Gemfair, which attracts gem dealers, miners, designers, cutters and distributors from across the world. Rare, precious gemstones are available for purchase ranging from my hometown of Sri Lanka to Madagascar and Brazil. It’s an incredible opportunity that only American Gemological Association members are privy to.

As some of you know, Lanka Jewels specializes in custom design work and high quality gemstones, so I take great pride in hand-picking fine jewels that I can offer my customers.

Here are some of the stones that we brought home.

Beautiful lively, trillion gem called Swizz Blue Topaz
Weight: 10ct
Suggestion is for a pendant setting, but it can be designed into a ring.

Outstanding bluish purple gem is called Tanzanite
Weight: 3.40ct.
Originates from Tanzania, and is cut to best highlight the brilliance of the stone. Suggestion is for a ring.
$2,200. April special is $950.

When we hear sapphire, most of us think of blue, but they also come in green, yellow, pink, and white.
Pink sapphires are rare and the country of origin is Sri Lanka.

Weight: 3.14ct
Suggestion is for a ring, but it can also be designed into a pendant.
$5,500. April special is $2,289.


In March, we went to the ‘happiest place on earth’—Disneyland!

We love waking up early in the morning at the condominium and having breakfast together, before spending our days at Disneyland, relaxing poolside or building sandcastles at Huntingdon or Laguna Beach. The younger Selvarajas went out on their own in the evening, as young people do, and were raving about Happy Hour at Roy’s (where the service and food were given 5-stars) and Fire and Ice where the chef created interesting concoctions from fresh ingredients.

A few stories that keep us chuckling are:

  • Hearing about how our youngest grandson, Kiran, created a hotdog, meatball, clams, squid and BBQ Sauce dish at Fire and Ice.
  • Watching everyone walk through Disneyland holding hands. Even my son, Nathan, was holding Kiran’s hand through the crowds. Very endearing.
  • Watching my daughter, Naomi, choose her Christmas ornament (this is a tradition that every time she goes to Disneyland she must buy a Christmas ornament), and this year, it was a Mickey Mouse photo frame.
  • Seeing my 16 year old granddaughter, Kelly, eat her Minney Mouse caramel apple as though she was a little girl again.

From our family to yours….

Warm Regards,
Ken Selvaraja

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